Glossary W

The food glossary +++ 'Whitloof', 'Welsh Rarebit', 'White butter'

Welsh Rarebit refers to a traditional food of Wales which is a melted Cheese on toast. Moreover, Welsh Rarebit is made of cheddar cheese or a similar variety of cheese melted with milk, or sometimes beer, and poured over toast. It is a British specialty.

Welsh Rarebit is also known as Rarebit. (see Rarebit)

Weißer Senf is a German word for white mustard.

Wurzelgemüse is a German term for "root vegetables ", examples are celerie, radish, beets, carrots and yams

Ü is called U umlaut in the German alphabet and is equal to "ue", hence Wurzelgemüse is spelled Wurzelgemuese in English.