Glossary W

The food glossary +++ 'Whitloof', 'Welsh Rarebit', 'White butter'
Wheke is a maori term for Squid or octopus

Wensleydale refers to a traditional, hard cheese made from cow's milk that originated from England
It has a shape of cylinder with natural rind.

This category of beer uses yeast that ferments at the "top" of the fermentation vessel, and typically at higher temperatures than lager yeast (60°-75°F), which, as a result, makes for a quicker fermentation period (7-8 days, or even less).

Weisskohl is the German word for "Cabbage" or "White Cabbage" to distinguish it from red cabbage .

Weizenvollkornbrötchen is a kind of German roll made of a mixture of Wheat and wholegrain or whole wheat. One of the many kinds or varieties of rolls in Germany.

Waterzooi refers to a Flemish chicken stew cooked with aromatic herbs and vegetables in a sauce of cream and chicken broth.