Glossary W

The food glossary +++ 'Whitloof', 'Welsh Rarebit', 'White butter'
White rice vinegar also known as bok cho, or shaojiu or lesser wine is a type of Chinese vinegar that is made from fermented rice. This vinegar is popular in China

Winesap apple is a variety of apple with an old-fashioned flavor. The Winesap has a spicy, tart, almost wine-like flavor that makes it the cider maker's first choice. Violet red in color, it

Wormwood refers to a perennial plant used as an herb, but is very bitter.

Wara Enab refers to vine leaves stuffed with rice.

Wrasse refers to a small, ugly-looking, black and white rock fish with delicate flesh and an excellent flavor.

War Teep also known as Pot Stickers refer to a kind or