Alugbati (Basella alba L. Family Basellaceae) refers to a leafy green vegetables from the Philippines.Its leaves are prepared in the Philiipines as salad and for other food preparation as nutritive vegetable .
Alugbati is called by other names: Alugbati (Bisaya); Alugbati, libato, grana (Tagalog); Ilaibakir (Ilokano); Arogbati (Bicol); Dundula, , Grana, Dundul, Malabor, nightshade, vine spinach and Malabar Spinach  (English)
Alugbati is also found in other Asian countries and in Africa.It can be used as a substitute for spinach and lettuce and other leafy vegetable used in the Philiipines, like the swamp cabbage (Kangkong ) and leaves of sweet potato (Talbos ng Kamote)

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Alugbati also spelled Alogbati is one the green leafy vegetables in the Philippines. This leafy vegetable has a distinct feature and easily recognizable, they have violet stalks. Alugbati is Ceylon Spinach, Philippine Spinach or Malabar Nighshade in English

Alugbati plants with green leafy vegetable planted by the school chilren in recycled PET bottles. The hanging vegetable garden in the school yard
Alugbati/Alogbati (Ceylon Spinach/Philippine Spinach/Malabar Nightshade