Glossary C

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Coda di bue is the Italian word for oxtail

Coda di Bue is pronounced "koh-dah-dee-boo-eh

Caboc refers to a Scottish delicate, creamy, full cream cows' milk Cheese coated with oatmeal. It is a soft, buttery Cheese formed into a log shape and crusted with toasted oats. The

Cachaca refers to a is a strong white Brazilian rum. It is also known as the Brazilian sugar-cane bndy that is used in the preparation of popular cocktail named "caipairinha"

Cachimbo refers to a Brazilian drink made from sugar cane, brandy, lime juice and honey.

Cafe americano refers to a shot of espresso topped with hot water.

Cafe royale refers to a hot cocktail made with coffee, bourbon and sugar.

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