Glossary C

The food glossary +++ 'Chakkakuru / Chakka Kuru', 'Cheese', 'Camote'
Chikwange refers to a Congo food made of cassava prepared in banana leaves

Chapelure the French word for bread crumbs or small bits of bread

Cafe macchiato refers to an Espresso with a dollop of steamed-milk foam, served in an Espresso cup. It is a coffee beverage that combines frothed steamed milk with a shot of espresso

Chapelux is the French term which means browned bread crumbs
Browned bread crumbs.

Chuam in Thai language (pronounced chew-um) means candied, and it is simply a fruit or vegetable cooked in sugar water at low heat until thickened.

Chuhai are flavored alcoholic drinks in Japan with a relatively low alcohol content.