Glossary C

The food glossary +++ 'Chakkakuru / Chakka Kuru', 'Cheese', 'Camote'
Coconut chutney is referring to a common South Indian side-dish that is served as an accompaniment to dosa, Idli and other south Indian pancakes.
Coconut Chutney is made with finely

Chena poda refers to a golden brown colored dessert popular in Orissa, India. It is made with fresh soft chena (paneer) filled with dry fruits , dipped in Sugar syrup and baked.

Chumchum refers to the favourite oval shaped sweet of the Bengalis. It is brownish in color and of a denser texture than the rasgulla. It is made from milk, granules of Mawa or dried

Churma ke ladoos refers to the delicious sweet balls popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan. These sweets are made from churma, ghee, and jaggery. Traditionally, Churma is a coarsely ground

Chieti is referring to a town and province of Abruzzo, in central eastern Italy.

Chieti is pronounced "Kyeh-tee"

Cooked pressed cheese also known as firm cheese refers to
cheeses which originated from the Jura or the Alps where the mountain-dwellers traditionally produced a supply for the winter in the high mountain pastures.These are large cheeses, with a blond rind and a pale yellow interior that in some varieties is typically filled with holes.