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The food glossary +++ 'Food', 'Filling', 'Flesh'
Filascetta refers to raised-bread from Lombardy which is shaped like a wreath and topped with a blend of fried onions, cheese and sugar.

Fragole is the Italian word for strawberries

Fragole - strawberries; fragoline di bosco, tiny Wild strawberries. Both are served with sugar and lemon juice or with CREMA GELATO, or

Fritelle di mele is the Italian term for "apple fritters "

Fritelle di mele is pronounced "free-tehl-leh dee meh-leh"

Frukty is the Russian generic term for "fruit "

Fletan is the French word for halibut.

Fletan is pronounced "fleh ta(n)"

Frambuesa is the Spanish word for "raspberry"

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