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Hilopites refer to small, square noodles common in Greek cuisine.

Himbeer is German for "Raspberry". Himbeer is very popular in Germany and is used in many German recipes.

Hoagie refers to a sandwich made of a long, soft roll filled with assorted meats, cheeses, vegetables and condiments. Hoagie is known elsewhere as a submarine, sub, or hero, but in Philidelphia, Hoagie which is a cold, cuts-stuffed sandwich is named locally for Hog Island, an Italian-American neighborhood in Southwest of Philadelphia.

Hobz Bizzejt is a Maltese term which means "Bread and oil"; refers actually to a popular snack in Malta.

Hog Maw refers the stomach of a pig and the dish made of stuffed pig's stomach. Hog Maw is an old Pennsylvania Dutch dish which is traditionally stuffed with smoked and fresh sausage, potatoes, cabbage, onions and other ingredients then baked. Hog Maw is actually only the lining of a pig's stomach which is cleaned well cleaned well before using. This lining contains no fat, is just muscle and a thin layer of meat, similar to a a sausage casing with some meat on it.

Hoska refers to a Czech Republic's bread flavored with almonds, citron and raisins which is commonly served during the holidays.

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