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Harina Shrimps (Metapenaeus Monoceros) a variety of shrimp also called Brown shrimp. It is known commercially as Speckled shrimp and called in other countries as: Indian: Koraney chingri; Honye chingri Japan: Yoshiebi Madagascar: Patsanarana (name also used for other species) South Africa: Ginger prawn

Haloom refers to Cyprus' national cheese. It is a semi-soft unripened cheese, with a mild but quite salty flavor. Haloom is also very popular in the countries around the Mediterranean sea. It has the appearance of a rectangular block, folded in two (2) . Due to the high demand for this cheese, Haloom which was originally made with sheep milk, is also now made with cow's milk.

Harum is a Bahasia Malaysian term which means "fragrant", as in Mengharumkan which means "to make fragrant", especially the food by adding ingredients, such as Pandan or Screwpine leaves to make sweets/desserts and steamed rice fragrant. Harum is called "Wangi" in Malay. Mengharumkan To make fragrant.

Hamsi is the Turkish word for "Anchovy". In Turkey, anchovy or hamsi is made into various dishes, namely Hamsi çorbasi which is an anchovy and tomato soup, Hamsi Böregi, Hamsi Tava, it can also be dried (Kurutulmus Hamsi) Dried anchovy is also popular in the Philippines, we call it Daing na Dilis. My aunt who lives in an island, she makes her own Daing na Dilis. Fresh from the sea, she just put cherry tomatoes in water with the Hamsi (Dilis) with a bit of salt and presto we already have a good soup.

Hanim Gobegi is the Turkish term which literally means "lady's belly button/navel or delicate belly" refers to Turkish small sweet cake that is looking like a belly button; a syrupy dessert with a thumbprint in the middle which has become a staple desserts in many Turkish restaurants. Hanim Gobegi is one of the classic Ottoman Empire desserts. An old Turkish saying advises one to "eat sweetly and speak sweetly". Sweets and desserts have always been an important and distinctive element of Turkish cuisine. That was true in Ottoman times and is just as true today. Göbek is Turkish for belly, while Hanim means delicate in Turkish.

Helva refers to Turkey's sweetmeat dessert mostly made with flour and semolina, butter, sugar, milk, and nuts.

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