Glossary L

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Laganelle refer to narrow lasagna noodles, usually served in soup with beans, hot peppers, and pecorino

Limonata is the Italian word for lemon soda or lemonade, a beverage made from lemon juice and sugar mixed with water

Livorno is the port city in west Tuscany, a region in north western Italy, on the Ligurian Sea.

Leghorn refers to the Livornese breed of chicken which is
named after the Italian city of Livorno in Tuscany.

Lepre is the Italian word for hare or rabbit, which is usually marinated, stewed or roasted in Italy. In Tuscany, it is oneof the most popular meats

Lepre is pronounced "leh-preh"

Lesso is the Italian word which means "boiled". It also a term for "boiled meat"

Lesso is pronounced "lehs-so"