Glossary L

The food glossary +++ 'Lomi', 'Leek Pasty', 'Log'
Lahm m'ajun also known as "Arab pizza," refers to a pita bread topped with a thin layer of finely ground meat, onions, tomatoes and seasonings.

Luscious lemon is a finger lime variety that has both a sour and sweet flavor.

Lillet is referring to a French Aperitif that is made from wine, brandy, fruit and aromatic herbs.

Lanark blue refers to Scotland's unpasteurised ewes milk Cheese in the style of Roquefort.
Lanark Blue is described as the first British blue sheep's Cheese for centuries. It cannot

Lufa refers to gourds

Leche is a Spanish word for milk

Lenguado is a Spanish term for sole fish.