Glossary Z

The food glossary +++ 'Zhirnik', 'Zaedka', 'Zabady'
Zucchero is the Italian general term for sugar.

Zucchero is pronounced "tsook-keh-roh"

Zucchero a velo is the Italian term which means "icing sugar"

Zucchero bruciato isthe Italian term which means "burnt sugar"

Zeppole is the Italian fried and sugared dough puffs. It is kind of fritter or doughnut which is fried and sugared

Zerro is the Italian word for "picarel fish". Centracanthidae is a small family of fishes in the order Perciformes, known as picarels. They are found in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and

Zibibbo is Italian that refers to Smyrna grape.

Vitigno del tipo