Glossary Z

The food glossary +++ 'Zucchero d\'acero', 'Zeljanica', 'Zucchina'
Zeste is the French word that refers to the yellow glossy film of the rind of citrus fruits , like orange and lemon which serve as garnishing or flavoring for dishes

Zitoni is a variety of pasta that is wider than Ziti. It is wider or larger version of Ziti pasta. It is a wide, hollow, tubular pasta. It is also called Cannaroni

Zabelka refers to Russian traditional name of different milk condiments or products that is used or added for cold and hot soups, as in milk, cream, clabber, sour cream.

Zaedka refers to Russian sweets, candies, desserts, dry appetisers.

Zakuski is Appetizer in Russian. It refers to cold dishes that is served cold before the main course.

Zalusta refers to Russian unleavened rye dough.