Glossary Z

The food glossary +++ 'Zhirnik', 'Zaedka', 'Zabady'
Zasolka is the Russian term that refers to the process of preserving meat, fish, fruits and vegetables with the aid of salt

Zastil' is referring to an old-Russian dish still prepared in Akhangelsk, Vologodsk, Perm and Kirov regions of Russia.

Zaureya refers to type of herring caught in white sea that is considered to be one of the best herrings available on Russian market

Zbozhie is referring to the old-Russian name for bread made from the dough of wheat flour with the addition of other grains. This bread is similar to 7-grain bread

Zhavoronok refers to the traditional Russian sweet bread in a shape of a lark that is Bake for the holiday celebrating spring usually March

Zharenina refers to the Russian dish made by baking Batter made with grated potatoes, buckwheat, and milk