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Zuppa d'orzo refers to a thick soup made from barley and which may also be made with potatoes and bacon. It is a soup from the Val d'Aosta region of Italy

Zuppa di mitili is the Italian term for mussel soup, often cooked with tomatoes, garlic and parsley.

Zucchina is the Italian word for squash. Also zucchine

zucchina (f)
n. zucchini, (British) courgette, marrow

Zenzero in polvere is the Italian term for "ginger powder", dried ginger that has been finely grinded to create a powdered form that is used in place of fresh ginger

Description: Ginger powder

zenzero in polvere
Ginger root, with thanks to the beautiful 'Fruits  de France' in Jindrisska in Prague

Pronounced: tsehn-TSEH-roh een POHL-veh-reh
Latin: Zingiber officinale
Language: Italian
Ethnicity: Italian
Most frequent country: Italy

See places: Italian food and cuisine

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Zenzero in polvere is the Italian term that refers to "ginger powder"

Zuppa di tartaruga is the Italian term for turtle soup which is usually made of the flesh of green turtles

Zuppa alla crema is the Italian term for "cream soup", including a range of vegetables , like cream of mushroom soup and cream of asparagus soup, and many others.