Glossary K

The food glossary +++ 'Kai kow', 'Khao na pet', 'Kubdari'

Kah is a Thai term for galangal (Alphinia galangal). It is a larger and lighter-colored relative of ginger and has its own

Kra-chai is a Thia spice which is a relative of ginger with a strong flavour and smell with no equivalent name in English. These Thai ingredients are used in soups, curries, and curry pastes

Kao also known or spelled as Khao is a Thai word for rice

Kao dtom is a Thai term for rice soup, rice gruel, congee, or rice porridge

Kao hom mali also known is a Thai word for Jasminrice
Kao hom mali is pronounced "cow homme-mah-lee".

Kao kua is a Thai term meaning powdered fried rice. It is also known as Kao koor