Glossary R

The food glossary +++ 'Rice wine', 'Repolyo', 'Relleno'
Raya is the Spanish word for "Skate", a kind of fish popular in the Balearic islands, namely Ibiza, Mallorca, etc.

Razzegoui refers to a large white grape that ripens to a pink blush

Rhua’ash refers to one of Bahrain's traditional sweets. Rhua’ash is a three-cornered pastries filled with crushed dates, nuts and sultanas .

Ro refers to one of Madagascar's food made of beef and pork marinated in vinegar, water and oil, then cooked with leaves, onion, pickles and other vegetables and seasoned with pimento. Moreover, herbs and leaves are mixed with rice to prepare Ro.

Rebung is the Indonesian word for "Bamboo Shoot". In Indonesia, Rebung are sliced thinly to be boiled with Suntan and spices to make a dish named Gulai Rebung. Indonesia has a lot of dishes which make use of Rebung, such as Sayur Lodeh (mixed vegetables in coconut milk) and Lun pia or Lumpia (fried bamboo shoots and other vegetables rolled or wrapped in flour wrappers). It must be noted that the shoots of some species contain cyanide that need to be leached or boiled out before they can be eaten safely. Slicing the bamboo shoots thinly assists in this leaching.

Rastafari is the most famous movement of the Caribbean. It has affected the culture and society of the Caribbean. Below are some of the main foundational beliefs of Rastafarians. The other articles will provide some of the other beliefs and standards * Rastafarians believe that God is a spirit and that this spirit was manifested in King H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I. * Rastafarians believe that Jesus was a direct descendant of King David and was black. * Rastafarians believe that the Ethiopian Solomonic Dynasty is a direct representation of King David. * Rastafarians believe that they are the original Lost Tribes of Israel that were once scattered by Babylon until the appearance of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I. * Rastafarians believe that God will return them to Zion (Rastafarians refer to Ethiopia as Zion). * Rastafarians believe that Ethiopia is the Promised Land and that it is Heaven on Earth. * The White Man took them away from the Promised Land (Ethiopia/Zion) as slaves to Babylon and a Babylonian system. (Please note that some Rastafarians will say Pink people vs. White people)