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Rava is Hindi word for semolina flour used widely in Indian cooking and cuisine to cook savory dishes or sweets/desserts.

Semolina is called Griess in Germany and also widely used.

Romesco refers to a red sauce used for seafood from the Catalonian region of Spain. Romesco is a kind of sauce is made from almonds, roasted garlic, olive oil and dried red peppers. (Please see Romesco Sauce)

Rose water refers to an aromatic liquid made by distilling rose petals.

Ruz al Mudhroub refers to a festive dish from Oman made of cooked rice and served with fried fish. The festivities in Dhofar and Wusta regions of Oman start with Ruz al Mudhroub Ruz al Mudhroub is one of the many special dishes which are cooked in Oman for festive occasions that include the two (2) main religious festivals - the Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha. The Sultanate of Oman is one of the countries in Middle East and is located in the southeastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula.

English: Ptarmigan / Deutsch: Alpenschneehuhn / Español: Lagópodo alpino / Português: Lagópode alpino / Français: Lagopède alpin / Italiano: Pernice bianca /

Rjúpa / Rjupa refers to a popular dish during Christmas time in Iceland which is made from Ptarmigan (Rjúpa), which is an exquisite wildfowl that feeds on ling, berries and herbs Rjúpa is mature Ptarmigan cooked in milk gravy.

Remolacha is "Beet" in Spanish.

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