Glossary R

The food glossary +++ 'Rice wine', 'Repolyo', 'Relleno'
Rock Melon is another term for cantaloupe in the United Kingdom

Rotini refers to a kind of Italian pasta which is shaped like short spirals.

Roggenbrot refers to one of Germany's most popular breads. Roggenbrot means Rye Bread in English. It is made from rye, it is dark and tasty. It is an ideal bread for parties as it taste best with ham, pickles and cheese . It can be bought from bakeshops or bakeries around the country.

Rooibos tea refers to a popular South African herbal tea made in the Cape from the Cyclopia genistoides bush. Rooibos is an Afrikaans word meaning "red bush". Rooibos has no caffeine and less tannin than tea.

Rourou refers to one of Fiji's national dish made of taro leaves which are soaked in coconut cream.

Rujak refers to Brunei's spiced fruit salad.