Glossary R

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Red Palm Oil refers to the red oil and pulp from the fruit of the African oil palm (Elaesis guineensis) which grows throughout tropical Africa. Red Palm Oil is used in many African dishes. It is a staple and necessity for real West African food. It is pressed from the fibrous flesh around the nut of the fruit of the oil palm. Palm oil, also known as Manja or Zomi, is used liberally in soups and sauces , yet because of the unique flavor and aroma the dishes are delicious rather than greasy and oily. Although it gets a bad reputation for being highly saturated, Red Palm Oil is actually healthier than white palm oil. Red palm oil is about 50% saturated. The Red Palm Oil, which is easily extracted from the pulp of the fruit of the African oil palm, should not be confused with the oil which can be obtained by crushing the hard inner kernel.

Rotini refers to a kind of Italian pasta which is shaped like short spirals.

Roggenbrot refers to one of Germany's most popular breads. Roggenbrot means Rye Bread in English. It is made from rye, it is dark and tasty. It is an ideal bread for parties as it taste best with ham, pickles and cheese . It can be bought from bakeshops or bakeries around the country.

Rooibos tea refers to a popular South African herbal tea made in the Cape from the Cyclopia genistoides bush. Rooibos is an Afrikaans word meaning "red bush". Rooibos has no caffeine and less tannin than tea.

Ro refers to one of Madagascar's food made of beef and pork marinated in vinegar, water and oil, then cooked with leaves, onion, pickles and other vegetables and seasoned with pimento. Moreover, herbs and leaves are mixed with rice to prepare Ro.

Rourou refers to one of Fiji's national dish made of taro leaves which are soaked in coconut cream.