Glossary R

The food glossary +++ 'Repolyo', 'Rauchfleisch', 'Romesco'
Remojón refers to a Spanish orange and codfish salad. It is a light and refreshing salad made with slices of salt cod are tossed with onions, olive oil, oranges, and some greens. The salad is then drizzled with a mixture of olive oil and wine vinegar. Remojón salad is a perfect dish for hot summer time A salad of cod, black olives, oranges, spring onions and tomatoes in a vinaigrette marinade . One of the specialities of the Lecrin Valley

Rabo de Toro refers to a Spanish stew made from oxtail which are stewed or braised with vegetables and red wine. Oxtail stew or Rabo de Toro is one of the specialty dish from Cordona, Spain. It is also one of the best Spanish dishes that uses oxtail meat, specifically the oxtail.

Ross Fil-Forn refers to a delicious baked rice dish from Malta with a meat tomato sauce .

Ron Viejo de Caldas refers to Colombia's kind of rum. Colombia is a producer of many kinds of rum including Ron Viejo de Caldas.

Ris a la Mande refers to one of Denmark's dessert of rice porridge mixed with whipped cream, almonds, and vanilla and served with hot cherry sauce

- Rossogullas (Rasgullas) : Rossogullas popularly known as Rasgullas are a part of Bengali cuisine. These Chenna-cheese (Paneer) balls are sweet, spongy and juicy. Please see Rasgulla