Glossary R

The food glossary +++ 'Roe deer', 'Rioja', 'Rojeeg'
- Rossogullas (Rasgullas) : Rossogullas popularly known as Rasgullas are a part of Bengali cuisine. These Chenna-cheese (Paneer) balls are sweet, spongy and juicy. Please see Rasgulla

Rijsttafel refers to Curacao's table serving rice with up to 20 accompanying dishes. Rijsttafel is one of the many treats that can be found in the Antille.Rijsttafel is literally translated as “rice table,” on which a buffet is set up with numerous dishes which is anywhere from 10 to 25 that are accompanied by rice. Rijsttafel was introduced by the Dutch, who in turn, picked it up from Indonesia, where they also ruled. Condiments are laid out on your table and you can season the food to your liking.

Rétes or Strudels refer to a flaky pastry with various fillings, such as cottage cheese , apple, poppy-seed, cherries, and many others which are all-time favorite desserts among the Hungarians.

Rakija refers to Bosnia's homemade brandy which is a popular alcoholic drink in the country. However, since the rise of the Muslim influence, alcohol use went down and drinking has been prohibited in certain areas of the country. Rakija is also popular among the other Balkan countries, like Macedonia.

Riz Gras refers to one of the foods from the Burkina Faso which is rice mixed with vegetable sauce , meat, and oil. Sauces are a mainstay of the Burkinabè diet and are usually served with , a stiff white porridge made of millet, sorghum or maize flour or rice

Roosterbrood refers to South African bread made on the grill over an open fire. Brood is the Afrikaans word for "bread".