Glossary R

The food glossary +++ 'Rüeblitorte', 'Romano', 'Renskavpanna'
Rosto refers to one of the popular dishes from Gibraltar that is made from local pasta, like a macaroni cooked with tomato sauce , along with beef or pork, carrots, mushrooms and some other vegetables . Before serving, Rosto is topped with a cheese (grating cheese is a must like "queso de bola") in grated form.

Rava Idli is a south Indian vegetarian dish, a variation of the traditional Idli which is made of steamed rice flour. Rava Idli is made from its basic ingredients, such as Rava or Sooji (Semolina), curd, grated carrot, ghee , green coriander , mustard, green chili, Chana gram , soda and salt. Rava Idli is steamed and is served mostly during breakfast in South India with coriander chutney or coconut chutney . To make Rava Idli, more tasting, pieces of Cashew nuts are also sometimes added
Romsteak refers to Albania's dish of patties made of minced meat

Rakiya refers to a potent fruit -based brandy which is one of the popular drinks in Bulgaria.

Ross Fil-Forn refers to a delicious baked rice dish from Malta with a meat tomato sauce .

Releve is the French word for "Appetizers" similar to entree , however there is a difference between the two (2) wherein Releves are more voluminous, are usually braised, poeled, poached or roasted, while the entrees , consisting of smaller pieces, are chiefly sauted, poached, or grilled. Releve, in the menus of old fashioned dinners a la Francaise is said to be generally twice, if not thrice as numerous as the entree. Releve is also the French for water ice.