Glossary R

The food glossary +++ 'Rice wine', 'Repolyo', 'Relleno'
Ruz al Mudhroub refers to a festive dish from Oman made of cooked rice and served with fried fish. The festivities in Dhofar and Wusta regions of Oman start with Ruz al Mudhroub Ruz al Mudhroub is one of the many special dishes which are cooked in Oman for festive occasions that include the two (2) main religious festivals - the Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha. The Sultanate of Oman is one of the countries in Middle East and is located in the southeastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula.

Rjúpa / Rjupa refers to a popular dish during Christmas time in Iceland which is made from Ptarmigan (Rjúpa), which is an exquisite wildfowl that feeds on ling, berries and herbs Rjúpa is mature Ptarmigan cooked in milk gravy.

Raznici refers to a grilled thin sliced ham or pork that is served with chopped onion and dark bread, and eaten as a snack. Raznici is a dish found in Czech Republic and in Slovakia

Red cooking is a Chinese cooking term that refers to food cooked in soy sauce . With soy sauce, the food then turns red. Actually not red, it is somehow deep red or blackish with addition of soy sauce

Remolacha is "Beet" in Spanish.

Rengha refers to a Greek dish of smoked and dried herring in olive oil and lemon juice.