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Deutsch: Reisgericht / Español: Comida de Arroz / Português: Refeição de Arroz / Français: Plat à base de Riz / Italiano: Pasto a base di Riso

A Rice Meal in the food context typically refers to a dish or a set of dishes where rice serves as the central or primary component, accompanied by one or more side dishes that could include vegetables, meats, fish, or legumes. The concept of a rice meal is universal, transcending cultures and cuisines, given the staple status of rice in many parts of the world. Depending on the region, the rice can be prepared in various ways, such as steamed, fried, or cooked with spices, and is complemented by side dishes that reflect local flavors and culinary traditions.

Deutsch: Gefüllter Tintenfisch / Español: Calamar Relleno / Português: Lula Recheada / Français: Calmar Farci / Italiano: Calamaro Ripieno

Relyenong Pusit refers to a traditional Filipino dish that consists of stuffed squid. The squid is cleaned and its body is stuffed with a savory filling, which typically includes a mixture of chopped vegetables, ground meat (pork or beef), and sometimes, seafood like shrimp or fish. Seasonings such as garlic, onions, soy sauce, and sometimes tomatoes are added to the filling for flavor. The stuffed squid is then either fried, grilled, or baked, with the cooking method varying depending on regional or familial preferences. This dish is known for its rich flavors, combining the seafood taste of the squid with the hearty, flavorful stuffing.

Deutsch: Red Velvet Cupcake / Español: Cupcake de Terciopelo Rojo / Português: Cupcake de Veludo Vermelho / Français: Cupcake Velours Rouge / Italiano: Cupcake di Velluto Rosso

Red Velvet Cupcake is a classic American dessert known for its distinctive bright red to dark red color and its smooth, velvety texture. This cupcake is typically made with cocoa powder, buttermilk, and vinegar, which react together to bring out the cake's subtle chocolate flavor and tender crumb. The addition of red food coloring—or, in some traditional recipes, beet juice—gives the cake its iconic color. Red Velvet Cupcakes are often topped with a rich cream cheese frosting, creating a delightful contrast of flavors and textures.

Deutsch: Rindfleisch / Español: Res / Português: Carne de boi / Français: Viande de bœuf / Italiano: Carne bovina

Res in the food context refers to beef, the culinary name for meat from cattle, particularly domesticated bovines. It is a staple protein source in many cultures worldwide and is consumed in a variety of dishes, from steaks and roasts to ground beef used in burgers, meatballs, and sauces. Beef is valued for its richness in flavor, versatility in cooking, and nutritional content, including high-quality protein, iron, and B vitamins.

Rutaceae in the food context refers to a botanical family of flowering plants known as the citrus or rue family. This diverse plant family includes a wide range of aromatic and flavorful plants, many of which bear fruits commonly used in cooking, flavoring, and beverages. Rutaceae plants are known for their aromatic oils and unique flavor profiles, making them significant contributors to the culinary world.

Rambutan in the food context refers to a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia, often recognized by its hairy or spiky outer skin. The scientific name of this fruit is Nephelium lappaceum. Rambutan is renowned for its sweet and juicy flesh, making it a popular fruit in many countries with tropical climates. It is enjoyed fresh as a snack, used in desserts, and sometimes even processed into jams or canned fruit.

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