Sacher Torte is a German term meaning a rich chocolate cake. Likewise , Sacher Torte is a moist chocolate cake with a filling of apricot jam which is hidden underneath the chocolate topping. It is usually served with whipped cream.

Some patisserie in Austria claimed that they Bake Sacher Torte using the original recipe, but it was Hotel Sacher which was granted by the Austrian authorities the claim for "original Sacher Torte".

Personal Note: You've got to travel to Vienna and experience falling in long line just to get a seat in Hotel Sacher Cafe to be able to taste a piece of Sacher Torte. Believe it or not, I waited in line, too like many others. Almost everyday, during my 25 days in Vienna, I walked by Sacher Hotel Cafe and almost everyday, too,there is a long line of people waiting to be seated to taste the "original Sacher Torte". I have lots of pictures standing infront of their display window admiring the Original sacher Torte. Unfortunately, it was my sister who made a photo of the Torte when we finally got our chair and has not given me a copy until now.

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