Glossary T

The food glossary +++ 'Talbos ng Kamote', 'Tapsilog', 'Talong'
Tibet cheese is referring to a semi-hard Cheese that originates from the country of Tibet that is made of yak's milk. It is moulded, pressed and dried through the wind and the sun. It

Tahini refers to a thick, smooth paste made of ground sesame seeds. It is a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Tahini is pronounced "tah-hee nee"

Tempeh refers to a high protein, cultured food made from soybeans and sometimes mixed grains.

Tempeh is pronounced "tehm

Tambrahandi refers to an Egyptian drink made date palm juice sometimes served with meals.

Tamiya is an Egyptian dish of cooked mashed beans formed into small cakes and deep-fried then served as they are or, more usually, with spicy condiments.

Tanaka is an Arabic name for the long-handled, narrow-necked, wide-bottom coffeepot used in Greece and Turkey where it is called an ibrik.