Glossary T

The food glossary +++ 'Talbos ng Kamote', 'Tapsilog', 'Talong'
Tacho refers to a Macau or Macanese stew of Chinese vegetables and different meats

Tiramisu which literally means “pick me up,” refers to a cold dessert that may not have originated in Rome, but it is an adopted specialty of the city.

- Theeples (with Recipe) : Theeples is a Greek recipe for Christmas that is also known as sweet fried bow knots.

Trenette refers to a specialty food from Liguria, Italy which is a flat thin pasta noodle, a northern version of linguine. Trenette is made from whole wheat flour, come in long, flat

Tempura refers to a Japanese specialty food consisting of vegetables , shrimp, fish, and others that is coated in a light batter made of flour, baking powder or beaten egg whites and ice water, then deep-fried.

Twigak refers to a Korean dish made of deep-fried seaweed or leaves and stems of various vegetables