Glossary T

The food glossary +++ 'Talbos ng Kamote', 'Tapsilog', 'Talong'
Torley is an Egyptian Casserole of ground meats and sliced vegetables arranged in layers. Flavorings and seasonings are tomato juice, onions, and salt and pepper.

Tortilla de guineitos is a Puerto Rican typical meal which means banana breakfast omelet made of dwarf or finger bananas mixed with scrambled egg.

Tanghalian is a Filipino word for lunch. It is also called Pananghalian. Rice being the major source of carbohydrates by most Southeast Asian countries, is a constant in any Filipino

Tej refers to an amber-colored honey wine in Ethiopia

Tella refers to the homemade beer in Ethiopia

Tulya is a Filipino word for clams whose broth boiled together with malunggay leaves is good for women who just gave birth as the drinking the tulya broth will make them develope more