Glossary B

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English: Bêche-de-Mer / Deutsch: Seegurke / Español: Pepino de mar / Português: Holotúria / Français: Beche-de-mer / Italiano: Bêche-de-Mer /

Bêche-de-Mer (French) is a filipino term for sea slug, trepang, sea cucumber. Bêche de Mer is also the French word for sea slug, sea cucumber, in Malaysia, they are called trepang, in Japan, Namako, and in the Philippines, Balatan.

Belegte Brötchen (Belegte Broetchen) is a German version of sandwich.

Biche is the French word for female deer.

Bucayo also spelled Bukayo is a Philippines sweet (Minatamis) made from grated fresh and young coconut meat cooked in Browm Sugar (Asukal na Pula) or melted Muscovado.

Bukayo is a filipino term for sweet made from mature coconut.

Bleu de Bresse refers to a Cheese from the Rhone-Alps Region of France which is a cylindrical Cheese with a soft, rich, buttery pate with a blue penicillin mould adding a mushroom flavour.