Glossary B

The food glossary +++ 'Batwan / Batuan', 'Binuro', 'Botsi'
Bataway is a variety of grouper found in the Philippines. This variety of fish is popular among the Bicolanos or people from Bicol, southern Region of the Philippines.

Blóðmör refers to sheep blood pudding. It is Iceland's dish made of congealed sheep’s blood wrapped in a ram’s stomach.

Bojalwa refers to Botswana's traditional beer such as which tastes a bit like apple cider .

Brotaufstrich is the German word for "Bread spread", as in butter, potted liver, or margarine.

Bina namak wala makkhan is the Hinfi term for "Unsalted Butter"

Butlers Chocolates is one of Irish delectable handmade chocolates with Bailey, an Irish liqueur, Jameson (an Irish whiskey), and Irish Coffee.