Glossary B

The food glossary +++ 'Brodetto', 'Batwan / Batuan', 'Banda'
Boate refers to the Brazilian nightclub, usually where teenagers dance, socialize, and listen to music.

Blintzes refers basically to Jewish crepes. A Blintz is a thin, flat pancake rolled around a filling. It looks a little like an egg roll. As a main dish or side dish, blintzes can be filled with sweetened cottage cheese or mashed potatoes and onion; as a dessert, they can be filled with fruit , such as apple, cherry or blueberry. They are usually fried in oil. They are generally served with sour cream and/or applesauce. The word "blintz" comes from a Ukrainian word meaning "pancake." Blintz which is also known as Blini is also a traditional Russian pancake not too different from a crepe. Pancakes in Russia are usually made with yeasted batter , which is left to rise and then diluted with water or milk. They are then baked in a traditional oven, but nowadays they are usually pan-fried. These are best served with sour cream, jam, honey or caviar. Blini are a staple food on Russian tables and are also eaten during the spring festivities of Maslenitsa.

Bissap refers to a reddish drink made with bissap/hibiscus flowers. Bissap is also one of the popular drinks in towns of Burkina Faso.

Banda refers to larger smoked fish which is popular among Chadians and are exported to Cameroon and Nigeria.

Busta refers to an Afro-Caribbean a hard to chew candy made from grated coconut and brown sugar.

Boma refers to an open thatched structure used for dinners, entertainment and parties in South Africa. Boma is pronounced "bow-mah".