Glossary B

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English: Describe / Deutsch: Beschreiben / Español: Describir / Português: Descrever / Français: Décrire / Italiano: Descrivere /

In the food context, "Batao" refers to a type of bean commonly used in Filipino cuisine, also known as the hyacinth bean or lablab bean (Lablab purpureus). This legume is recognized for its edible pods and seeds, which are utilized in a variety of dishes across the Philippines and other parts of Asia and Africa. The batao bean is valued not only for its nutritional content but also for its versatility in cooking.

Deutsch: Bananen-Q / Español: Plátano Frito / Português: Banana Assada / Français: Banane Caramelisée / Italiano: Banana Fritta /

In the food context, "Banana Cue" (sometimes written as "Banana Q") is a popular street food snack in the Philippines. It consists of deep-fried bananas, typically of the Saba variety, which is a type of cooking banana that's firmer and starchier than the more widely known dessert bananas. These bananas are skewered on bamboo sticks, coated in caramelized brown sugar, and then deep-fried until the sugar coating becomes crisp and glossy. The result is a sweet, sticky, and slightly crunchy treat that combines the natural flavor of the banana with a caramel coating.

In the food context, "Brombeer" refers to the blackberry, a fruit produced by many species in the Rubus genus within the Rosaceae family. Blackberries are known for their dark, almost black color when ripe and their sweet-tart flavor. They are not only popular as fresh fruits but also widely used in culinary applications.

English: Bêche-de-Mer / Deutsch: Seegurke / Español: Pepino de mar / Português: Holotúria / Français: Beche-de-mer / Italiano: Bêche-de-Mer /

Bêche-de-Mer (French) is a filipino term for sea slug, trepang, sea cucumber. Bêche de Mer is also the French word for sea slug, sea cucumber, in Malaysia, they are called trepang, in Japan, Namako, and in the Philippines, Balatan.

Belegte Brötchen (Belegte Broetchen) is a German version of sandwich.

Biche is the French word for female deer.