Glossary B

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Deutsch: Grillen / Español: Asar / Português: Grelhar / Français: Griller / Italiano: Grigliare

Broiling is a cooking method that involves using high, direct heat from above to cook food. This technique is similar to grilling, except that while grilling applies heat from below, broiling places food under direct heat at a high temperature, allowing it to cook quickly and develop a browned or caramelized exterior.

Deutsch: Violetter Rötelritterling / Español: Champiñón azulado / Português: Cogumelo azulado / Français: Lépiote déguenillée / Italiano: Funghi blu

Blewit refers to a species of edible mushroom, known scientifically as Lepista nuda, that is prized for its flavor in culinary uses. This mushroom is distinctive for its lilac to purple coloring and is found in both coniferous and deciduous woodlands.

Deutsch: Bar-le-Duc / Español: Bar-le-Duc / Português: Bar-le-Duc / Français: Bar-le-Duc / Italiano: Bar-le-Duc

Bar-le-Duc is a town in northeastern France known for its unique culinary specialty, the caviar of jams, "Confiture de Groseilles." This specialty is a hand-seeded redcurrant jam, where each berry is painstakingly deseeded with a goose feather, exemplifying a traditional form of craftsmanship.

Deutsch: Bouillabaisse / Español: Bouillabaisse / Português: Bouillabaisse / Français: Bouillabaisse / Italiano: Bouillabaisse

Bouillabaisse is a traditional Provençal fish stew originating from the port city of Marseille, France. It is known for its rich flavor, which is derived from various kinds of fresh fish, shellfish, and other seafood, herbs, and spices simmered together with olive oil, onions, and tomatoes.

Biscocho, in various Spanish-speaking cultures and the Philippines, refers to different types of baked goods, generally based around the concept of a sweet biscuit or cake. The term is derived from the Spanish word bizcocho, which traditionally refers to a sponge cake. However, the interpretation and specifics can vary by region.

Biscocho - also derived from the Latin phrase word ‘bis coctus’ which means "twice baked.” It is a popular delicacy in Iloilo City refers to baked bread topped with butter and sugar, or garlic, in some cases. Biscocho is a part of Filipino cuisine originated from Iloilo province and it is also known as perfect match for coffee or hot chocolate drinks.

Deutsch: Blanchieren / Español: Escaldar / Português: Branqueamento / Français: Blanchir / Italiano: Sbiancare

Blanching is a cooking process whereby food, usually vegetables or fruits, is briefly immersed in boiling water and then immediately cooled down in ice water. This technique helps to preserve the vibrant color, texture, and nutrients of the food while also stopping enzymatic actions that can lead to spoilage.