Glossary D

The food glossary +++ 'Dopp i grytan', 'Domburi', 'Depouillage'
Dou fu is the Chinese word for "bean curd" or "tofu".

Doyyo is an Ethiopian sauce of split peas, meat--and bones.

Dzixzyzna is the Polish word for "game"

Danish smoked salt is a kind of salt that refers to a Viking salt which is is produced by evaporating seawater in a big vessel over an open, smoky fire containing juniper, cherry, elm

Dark raisin refers to a raisin that is sun-dried for several weeks, causing it to become dark and shriveled in appearance. A dark raisin has a sweet flavor, but it is not as moist as

Devein knife is a kind of knife and a kitchen utensil that is used to remove the large vein that runs down the length at the back of a shrimp.