Glossary D

The food glossary +++ 'Depouillage', 'Dahon ng sili', 'Dilis'
Darált is the Hungarian word for "ground or minced", often ground/minced meat, but also of Mák, Hungarian for "Poppy Seed" Darált is pronounced as "dah-rahlt".

Dikoya refers to a variety of tea which is grown in one of the most productive districts of Ceylon. Dikoya teas are among the choicest of black teas.

Dinde is the French term for hen. Dindon means cock turkey

Diltar refers to the yoghurt drink from Hunza Valley. Hunza people pople call it buttermilk, lassi or simply a yogurt drink. Diltar is traditionally prepared in a goat- or sheep skin which is shaken or rolled on the ground until butter forms. An alternate method uses a tall, narrow wooden cylinder and a long, thick pole in a process much like churning butter. However, nowadays, the simplest way to make Diltar is to mix yogurt with an equal amount of water and blend at high speed for a few minutes with added salt, sugar or fruits , like bananas or mangos depending on the preference of the consumer.

Denki-Gama is the Japanese term for Rice Cooker. This Rice Cooker is an automatic electric or gas cooker that makes perfect sushi rice every time. Denki-Gama is one of the basic equipments needed in preparing Sushi aside from the knives, bamboo mats, Sushi Geta and more.

Doce de Goiaba refers to guava marmalade which is the main ingredient of the popular and special cake from Brazil called Bolo de Rolo , a rolled cake with filled with Doce de Goiaba (guava marmalade).