Glossary D

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Diri et Djondjon refers to one of the national foods of Haiti that is made with rice and black mushrooms.

Dabileni refers to Mali's drink made of water, sugar, and sorrel. Dabileni often served to celebrate life-cycle rituals, like naming ceremonies, weddings and other ceremonial and festive events in Mali.

Djaja Mahamara refers to a stew made of chicken stuffed with couscous, almonds and raisins; a stewed stuffed chicken, stuffing includes raisins, couscous/semolina and almonds. Djaja Mahamara is one of Moroccos' popular dishes.

Dodo refers to Reunion Island's famous local beer; a beer "bourbon" which is more often called or known as "Dodo".

Drob refers to a Romanian special dish prepared during Easter which is cake-shaped containing fresh green vegetables and the internal organs of the lamb. During Easter, Romanians cooked varieties of dishes using lamb.

Debreceni which is also known as Debrecen or Debrecener refers to a Hungarian spicy sausage which contains pork and is flavored and spiced with paprika, garlic, pepper and marjoram. Debreceni is used as one of the ingredients for some Hungarian stews. Debreceni is one of Hungary's excellent and flavorful sausages. Debreceni was named after the Hungarian city of Debrecen.

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