Glossary D

The food glossary +++ 'Dopp i grytan', 'Domburi', 'Depouillage'
Dranken is the Dutch for "beverages", soda, coffee, tea, milk, etc.

Dastarkhan refers to Kazakhstan's low table where the Kazakhs eat.

Dil Sis refers to Turkish dish made of rolled up sole (a kind of fish) that are grilled on a skewer; a grilled skewer of sole. Sis is Turkish word for "skewer".

Dem à la Saint-Louisienne which is also called as Mulet Farci a la Saint-Louisienne, Mulet Farci, Dem Farci, or Poisson Farci refers to Senegal's dish made of mullet stuffed with onions, peppers, tomatoes, and bread crumbs. Dem à la Saint-Louisienne which is stuffed Mullet in the style of Saint-Louis is a traditional Senegalese dish made of mullet stuffed with herb and spices(onions, pepper, hot chilis) tomatoes and bread crumbs, then steamed on a lightly-herbed broth. Mullet which is a kind of fish are common in the coast waters of western Africa and they are called Dems in Senegal.When caught in clean water, Mullets has creamy white flesh and good flavor with good keeping capabilities. It is round-bodied and must be thoroughly scaled before eating. Several varieties of Mullets are found all over the world, like gray mullet, silverside mullet, raibow mullet, golden mullet, rainbow mullet, etc. The French word farci is from the verb farcir, meaning to stuff. Saint-Louis was the first French settlement in Africa and is popular for its African-French ambiance. Saint-Louis is located near the Senegal-Mauratania border on the islands and coast near the mouth of the Senegal River, probably the reason why it is famous for fish dishes

Dobrada or Dobrado refers to a Portuguese dish made of tripe with beans. Dobrada is the name of this dishn in the south and uses garbanzos instead of white beans. In Porto, Dobrada is called Tripas or ?Tripas a Moda do Porto (Tripe in the Style of Porto)

- Dil Paça (Çorbasi) : Dil Paça refers to a Turkish soup made with the tongue of a lamb or sheep that cooked in a meat stock. Paça means lamb's feet which is used for food and Dil is Turkish word for "Tongue". Dil Paça is a Turkish delicacy; a soup said to cure hangover and not for the fainted heart. To eat this Corbasi (soup), it is recommended to add a lot of garlic sauce , vinegar and red pepper shavings.