Domburi is a Japanese general term for "bowl". However, it is also the name of a popular Japanese dish which is a bowl of cooked rice with some other food put on top of it. In other words, rice with toppings. There are many varieties of Domburi dishes based on the toppings. Some of the most popular Domburi dishes are the following: (1) Oyakodon (Oyako Domburi) Mother and Child Domburi The name of this popular domburi dish comes from its two (2) main ingredients, chicken and egg. Very rarely, a domburi with salmon and ikura (salmon eggs) may also be called Oyakodon. (2) Katsudon (Tonkatsu Domburi) Pork Cutlet Domburi Katsudon is served with tonkatsu (deep fried breaded pork cutlet), egg and onions on top of the rice. (3) Gyudon (Gyuniku Domburi) Beef Domburi Gyudon is very popular as an inexpensive type of fast food served at chain stores across the country. It tastes particularly good when mixed with a raw egg. (4) Tendon (Tempura Domburi) Tempura Domburi Tempura are deep fried pieces of battered seafood and vegetables . Various tempura pieces are dipped into a soya based sauce before served on top of the rice. (5) Unadon (Unagi Domburi) Eel Domburi The eel is grilled and prepared in a thick soya based sauce before served on top of the cooked rice. (6) Chukadon (Chuka Domburi) Chinese Style Domburi The topping of Chukadon consists of vegetables, seafood and meat in a thickened Chinese style sauce. (7) Tekkadon (Tekka Domburi) Tuna Domburi The topping of Tekkadon is raw tuna (maguro). It is served with strips of nori seaweed and sometimes ground yamaimo
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