Glossary E

The food glossary +++ 'Eghale', 'Eghajira', 'Extract'
Earthnuts is another name of Chufa or Chufa Nuts, a tiny, tuberous roots of an African plant of the sedge family that is a primary base for Horchata.

Ekmek refers to the ordinary white Turkish bread

Ekshi is the Turkish word for "sour

Espumosa is a Spanish word for sparkling

Esh Asaraya refers to Qatar's sweet cheesecake with a cream topping. Esh Asaraya which literally means "Bread of the Harem", is one of the favorite desserts in Qatar.

Essence refers to a concentrated Extract used as a flavoring, as in vanilla essence, rose essence, coffee essence, etc.

Essence is pronounced "ess-sahns"