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Eggah refers to Egpyt's omelette style breakfast dish made of eggs, onion, flour and parsley.

English: Pickled / Deutsch: Eingelegt / Español: Escabeche / Português: Em conserva / Français: Mariné / Italiano: Sottaceto /

Escabeche refers to a clear, tangy onion soup with large pieces of chicken. It is one of the traditional dishes from Belize.

My Auntie Monique who lived with us until we grow old

Endive is also called in the United States as chicory

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"Endive" is in the UNSPSC Code "10151509"
  Endive seeds or seedlings

épicé is a French word for spicy
Ebed is the Hungarian word for lunch
Escarole is a French word for salad green which is a variety of the endive (Cichorium endivia) that have leaves with irregular frilled edges.

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