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Deutsch: Bauernsalat / Español: Ensalada Payesa / Português: Salada Camponesa / Français: Salade Paysanne / Italiano: Insalata Contadina /

Ensalada Payesa refers to Ibiza's country salad made from a mixture of peeled and diced boiled potatooes, tomatoes, red peppers, hard -boiled eggs, garlic cloves and onion and dressed only with olive oil and salt to taste. Ensalada Payesa is served cold.

Enciam Amb Peix Sec refers to a Spanish dish. It is a salad with dried fish, boiled potatoes and roasted peppers. Enciam Amb Peix Sec is popular in Formentera, one of the Islands of Spain.

Ela Batu refers to one of Sri Lankas' popular dishes which is an eggplant curry. Thai eggplants are used to make Ela Batu together with Sri Lanka's version of green curry sauce, hence Ela Batu is called Thai Eggplant Curry in English. Ela Batu is similar to Thailand's green curry.

Encocados refers to Ecuador's traditional seafood dish made of fish or prawns in a rich coconut sauce that is usually served with rice and Patacones. Esmeraldas province in the north of Ecuador is famous for fantastic Encocados. This is one dish which is difficult to find outside the Esmeraldas. It is often found at the beach or coastal areas, such as Atacames or Sua where fresh seafoods are always available. and at its best and freshest.

Encocados means to be served in a coconut sauce.

Elote refers to one of the popular street foods from Mexico which is actually a grilled/roasted corn on the cob. Generally, the corn is prepared infront of the buyer, pierced with a wooden stick and then slathered with tangy mayonnaise. The mayonnaise is actually not the only topping itself, it is the base for a more delicious topping of chili flakes, powdery Cotija Cheese and the obligatory squeeze of lime.

Cotija Cheese is a hard, crumbly Mexican Cheese made primarily from cow’s milk which is used as an all-purpose grating or crumbling cheese.

Personal Note: In the Philippines, we are also fond of roasted corn on a cob, but we eat it plain and simple. When I visit my home country, I will try to make Elote. I can't probably find Cotija Cheese there, but Parmesan Cheese which is similar to Cotija is already available there. I will surely , surely, try this one.

English: Stifle / Deutsch: Ersticken / Español: Ahogar / Português: Sufocar / Français: Etouffer / Italiano: Soffocare /

Etouffer also known as Etuver is a French culinary term; a French method of cooking dish in a tight close pan or sealed pan slowly with little liquid or no liquid at all. Estoufadde is a dish cooked this way.

Etouffer is pronounced "ay-too-fay".

Etuver is the French word which means "to braise"; braised; "to steam".

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