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English: Estouffade / Deutsch: Estouffade / Español: Estouffade / Português: Estouffade / Français: Estouffade / Italiano: Estouffade /

Estouffade refers to a French dish made of meat (beef, pork etc) which is cooked very slowly in sealed or tightly closed pan with very little liquid or no liquid at all. Estouffade is a dish which is either braised or casseroled. Estouffade can also be cooked with red wine, also with vegetables or beans, herbs, seasoning and stock or wine.

Examples of this dish are Estouffade de Boeuf and Estouffade Provencale/a la Provencale, braised beef or a beef stew with fennel, red wine, and black olives.

Estouffade is also traditionally refer to a brown stock; brown meat stock or "fond brun"which is used to dilute and moisten braised dishes

Estouffade is pronounced "ehs-too-fahd".

Etamine is the French word which means "cheesecloth" ; a muslin cloth which is used in cooking and preparaing food as a strainer for stocks, soups and saucesand other liquids used in cooking.

Etamine is pronounced "ay-ta-meen".

Écaler (Ecaler ) is the French word which means "to shuck" (nuts); to remove the outer covering of nuts, like peanuts, walnuts. etc. It also means to peel, to pare (shell, eggs, etc).

Écaler is synonymous with the word "Decortiquer" which means to husk; to shell or; to core.

Écaler is pronounced "e ka le"

Etouffee refers to a Cajun dish made of seafood and/or chicken smothered in a blanket of chopped vegetables and served over

Esi is the Samoan word for "Papaya"

Elenski But refers to dry-cured ham that comes from Elena in the northern part of Bulgaria.

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