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The food glossary +++ 'Ensalada Payesa', 'Estouffade', 'Etouffer'
- Empanadas Tucumanas / Tucumana :

Emapanadas Tucumanas are snacks which is similar to Salteñas, but deep-fried and with a higher potato content. It is a pastry filled with meat, chicken and other ingredients which is deep-fried. Like Saltenas, Empanadas Tucumanas is named after a city, of Tucuman in Argentina. Tucumana is also eaten in Bolivia.

Eaten at all hours, the Tucumana is the fried version, while the Saltena is prepared in an oven. Shaped as a rugby ball they are more complex than any other item in long list of empanada names. Eaten hot, they are stuffed mainly with a mix of beef (or chicken or egg), potatoes, onions, and sometimes even olives, carrots, peas, and other vegetables . All of the ingredients are mixed in a rich and spicy broth, hence extra care should be used while eating them so that the liquids will not spill out and spoil the dress of the person eating them.

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