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Espumosa is a Spanish word for sparkling

Esh Asaraya refers to Qatar's sweet cheesecake with a cream topping. Esh Asaraya which literally means "Bread of the Harem", is one of the favorite desserts in Qatar.

Essence refers to a concentrated Extract used as a flavoring, as in vanilla essence, rose essence, coffee essence, etc.

Essence is pronounced "ess-sahns"

E kai is the Maori term which means "eat

Ente is a German word for duck

Et is the Turkish generic word for "Meat". Turkish meat dishes are usually made from the meat of a chicken, calf, lamb or mutton:

Koyun Eti is mutton - The meat of sheep older than one year but nowadays over two years.

Kuzu Eti is meat of lamb - A young sheep under 1 year old but preferably 3 to 4 months old and weighing about 10 kg. The meat is tender and suitable for grilling, frying and roasting.

Sigir/Sığır Eti is beef - The meat of the animal known as a cow (female) or bull (male)

Dana Eti is veal - The meat of a young calf 6 to 14 weeks old.

It was said that during the Victorian times, mutton is the preferred meat.

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