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Gallina is the Italian wor for hen, guinea fowl, bantam, or chicken. Hen is a female chicken or female fow

Gallura is a geographical and cultural region in northern Sardinia, Italy.

Grigliare is the Italian word which means "to broil" or "to grill".
In Italy, broiling or grilling, is usually done over coals or on a griddle.

Grigliare is pronounced "gree-lyah

Gambero is the Italian word for crayfish, shrimp, prawn, a freshwater crustacean which resembles a small lobster

Grappa (Grappe) refers to the Italian brandy made from residue of grapes after pressing for wine.

Gnocchetti is the Italian word for tiny dumplings that is commonly made from potato or semolina. It is used in soups oftenly. It is also known as gnocchi

Gnocchetti is pronounced "

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