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Deutsch: Hawaii / Español: Hawái / Português: Havaí / Français: Hawaï / Italiano: Hawaii

Hawaii is a culinary term that often refers to dishes influenced by the flavours and ingredients of Hawaiian cuisine, as well as specific preparations that combine tropical elements, particularly pineapple and ham. These dishes are popular for their sweet and savoury profiles and are found in various global cuisines.

Deutsch: Haselnuss / Español: Avellana / Português: Avelã / Français: Noisette / Italiano: Nocciola

Hazelnut refers to the nut of the hazel and is particularly known for its use in various sweet and savory dishes. Hazelnuts are prized for their distinct flavor, which is rich, nutty, and slightly sweet, making them a popular choice in confectionery, baking, and cooking.

Deutsch: Harissa / Español: Harissa / Português: Harissa / Français: Harissa / Italiano: Harissa

Harissa is a spicy, aromatic chili paste widely used in North African and Middle Eastern cooking. It is made from various red peppers along with herbs and spices such as garlic, coriander, caraway, and cumin. Olive oil is often added to achieve a paste-like consistency. This condiment is a staple in the cuisines of countries like Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, and Morocco.

Deutsch: Hanjeongsik / Español: Hanjeongsik / Português: Hanjeongsik / Français: Hanjeongsik / Italiano: Hanjeongsik

Hanjeongsik in the food context refers to a traditional Korean full-course meal that features a wide array of dishes served at once. This meal is noted for its variety and balance, showcasing the richness and diversity of Korean cuisine.

Deutsch: Gedämpfte Garnelen / Español: Camarones al vapor / Português: Camarões no vapor / Français: Crevettes à la vapeur / Italiano: Gamberi al vapore

Halabos na Hipon in the food context refers to a traditional Filipino method of cooking shrimp, where the shrimp are quickly steamed or boiled in their own juices, often with only minimal seasonings such as salt and sometimes a little water. The simplicity of this cooking method highlights the natural flavor of the shrimp, making it a beloved dish for its straightforwardness and the freshness it brings to the table. The term "halabos" generally refers to the method of cooking seafood, particularly shellfish, in a minimal amount of liquid, and "hipon" means shrimp in Tagalog.

Deutsch: Heidelbeereis / Español: Helado de arándano / Português: Sorvete de mirtilo / Français: Glace aux myrtilles / Italiano: Gelato ai mirtilli

Huckleberry Ice Cream in the food context refers to ice cream flavored with huckleberries, a small, round, edible fruit that is often compared to blueberries but with its own distinct taste. Huckleberries have a sweet, slightly tart flavor, making them an excellent choice for a refreshing and fruity ice cream. This type of ice cream is a popular treat in regions where huckleberries are native or readily available, particularly in the Northwestern United States. It combines the creamy texture of traditional ice cream with the unique, wild flavor of huckleberries, creating a dessert that's both rich and refreshing.

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