Glossary H

The food glossary +++ 'Halo-Halo', 'Hiwas', 'Hard'
Harkfiskur or Harðfiskur refers to Iceland's food made of fish that is wind-dried until brittle. Harkfiskur is eaten uncooked but pounded until soft and crumbly. The torn strips of fish are butter-dipped to eat. Harðfiskur simply refers to "dried fish" in Iceland usually haddock, or cod or catfish which must be eaten with butter.

Heering Cherry Liqueur or Heering refers to the traditional Danish cherry liqueur that is similar to original German brandy, known as Kirsch. Heering Cherry Liqueur has a characteristic deep fruity aroma and a strong flavor of cherries. It is usually made from the sour morello cherry which gives the liqueur a specific bitter aftertaste. Usually served in a small glass as an apéritif, it can also be mixed with coffee and other alcoholic drinks. It is often used to make traditional Danish desserts such as Risalamande - a rice pudding with cherries. It can also be found in various chocolate products. Heering Cherry Liqueur is also known as Kirsebælikør/Kirsebaelikor .
Hapai Hantue refers to a Bhutan food of buckwheat dumplings with bok choy and poppy seed filling.

Habichuela Marca Diablo refers to red kidney bean in Puerto Rico

Hinog is the Filipino word for "ripe" as in ripe mango (Manggang Hinog) or ripe fruits .

Habishanno refers to a Bengali food of rice and vegetable boiled in an earthen pot which is prescribed for mourners after the death of a family member.