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The food glossary +++ 'Pincage', 'Pallang', 'Pancit'

Pavakka is the Malayalam word for Bitter melon or Bitter gourd. Kaipakka is another name of Bitter Gourd in Malayalam. 

Pavakka is cooked in various ways in South of India. It is stir-fried with various spices and it is called Pavakka Olarthiyathu or cooked with browned grated coconut and various spices called Pavakka Theyal/Theeyal. Some housewives who are inventive enough also make them as Pavakka Achar/Achaar

Below is a picture of raw Pavakka which is available in Kerala all the time and the various dishes made from Pavakka from Kerala, a state in the south of India.

Pazham Puzhungiyathu refers to steamed or boiled banana plantain which is usually served as breakfast food in Kerala, India. It is often served with Puttu and sweetened Rava Upma .

Pazham is the Malayalam word for Banana and Pazham Puzhungiyathu means steamed bananas/plantains in Malayalam.  There are different varieties of bananas in India used for cooking (frying, steaming, etc).  

The last 2 pictures are steamed banana (Pazham Puzhungiyathu) eaten with Atta Puttu for morning meal or breakfast in Allepey, Kerala, India.

Atta Puttu with Pazham

Atta Puttu eaten with Pazham Puzhungiyathu (Steamed banana/Plantain). Breakfast food in Allepey, Kerala, India

Potti/Pooti Olarthiyathu  refers to one of the dishes from Kerala, India which is stir-fry cow's intestines (Potti/Pooti). It is made from fresh and thoroughly cleaned cows/ goats or buffalos' intestines with lots of spices and curry leaves . It is usually served very spicy from chopped red chilies.

This picture is made from while the Potti/Pooti was still being cooked to be served for a  pre-wedding dinner which is a tradition in Kerala. So much to cook for hundreds of relatives and friends invited for pre-wedding dinner party.

Olarthiyathu which means stir-frying is also spelled Olathiyathu and Ularthiyathu

Finely chopped buffalos intestines being cooked for a Pre-wedding Dinner Party
Finely chopped buffalos intestines being cooked for a Pre-wedding Dinner Party

Another version below of the Potti is not chopped intestines, but made from bigger slices so the intestines are stil recognizable

Potti Curry / Olarthiyathu served with Chiratta Puttu
Potti Curry / Olarthiyathu served with Chiratta Puttu . Please see another article fof Chiratta Puttu

Pad Phong Ga Ri refers to Thai stir-fried seafood or meat with curry powder.

Pad Wun Sen refers to Thailand´s stir-fried glass noodle /vermicelli with minced pork, black mushroom, egg, onion and green onions

Pad Thai is a fried noodle dish Thai style that is very popular not only in Thailand, but in any Thai restaurants worldwide . 

Pad Thai is one of the top dishes served in the restaurants in Thailand and the rest of the world serving Thai food/dishes.

I, myself will never go to any Thai restaurant without ordering Pad Thai. It is always a delight to eat this uniquiely Thai-style noodle