Glossary P

The food glossary +++ 'Pincage', 'Pallang', 'Pancit'
Parasol Mushroom is a small, brown mushroom shaped like a parasol, hence it is named as such. This variety of mushroom is best when eaten young.

Paris Brest refers to a French pastry shaped into a ring and sprinkled with sliced almonds, split after baking and filled with sweet cream.

Pasilla Chile/Chili is a variety of chili used in Mexico which is long, medium-hot, rich chili that is dark brown in color. Pasilla Chile/Chili is commonly dried and can be found whole or in powdered form.

Pasingao is a Filipino - the Philippines' cooking term referring to "steamed" fish, meat or fowl.

Passa is "Raisin" in Portuguese.

Pasta Fresca is the Italian for "fresh pasta".