Glossary P

The food glossary +++ 'Pesce persico', 'Pettine', 'Pata Tim'
Pisco refers to a Peruvian brandy and also grape brandy which is consumed in Chile in large quantities during special celebrations

Pismo Clam is a hard -shell clam found in the Pacific Ocean that is a top-shelf mollusk. Pismo has tender, sweet flesh.

Pissaladiere refers to a savory Provencal tart topped with tomatoes, onions, olives and/or anchovies.

Pissenlit refers to the French term for "dandelion leaves". The name sounds like what it translates to: "piss in bed". It is because Pissenlit green has diuretic properties.

Paillard di Vitello refers to the Italian dish of veal scallop or sirloin of veal that is beaten flat and thin, and then grilled or sauteed briefly.

Palillo is refers to the Peruvian herb which is used as a yellow food coloring. Palillo is an indigenous herb that is widely used in the cooking not only of Peru, but also of Bolivia. The leaves are dried and ground. It gives foods, like Papas Huancainas an intense yellow color. Palillo is available in some South American markers, if not available, it can be substituted with Turmeric.