Glossary P

The food glossary +++ 'Pincage', 'Pallang', 'Pigik'
Pistachio Nut refers to a pale green nut with a delicate, sweet flavor, often dyed red or blanched white.

Pisto refers to a vegetable dish from Spain that can include mushrooms, eggplant, chopped tomatoes and green peppers. Pisto can be cooked in several variations.

Pistou refers to a sauce similar to Pesto. This French accompaniment is made from basil, garlic, cheese and olive oil.

Papa a la Huancaina refers to a dish made of potatoes served with cheese sauce , onions and chiles. Papa a la Huancaina is a Peruvian dish. Huancaina is a cold sauce used over potatoes or corn. This sauce is a combination of feta or cottage cheese, with milk, oil, lime juice, hot pepper, garlic, salt and black pepper.

Papa Dzules refers to a traditional Mexican dish of hard -boiled egg yolks, pumpkin seed sauce , pumpkin seed oil and tomato sauce--all stuffed into a tortilla .

Papaz Yahnisi refers to a Turkish meat and shallots stew, particularly of mutton, which is seasoned with garlic, vinegar and cumin. Papaz Yahnisi is one of the specialty of Izmir, the third biggest city of the Turkish Republic and the most important door of the Anatolia opening to the Aegean Sea.